Home Entertainment

When you close your eyes and envision your dream house, you probably see a beautiful home theater, or a room filled with your favorite music. Maybe it’s outdoor entertainment. Whatever your dream, Adel TV can make it all come true and blend perfectly with your home décor.

HD Televisions

Dazzle your eyes in more ways than one with HD Television. Go beyond what you expected from a TV with dazzling HD technology, get the unlimited possibilities of broadband TV and take in the best viewing experience from a host of other groundbreaking innovations.

HD Televisions Brands:

Theater Systems and Audio Sound Systems

Combining crystal clear HD video with spectacular sound 5.1-channel home theater system, this will transform your living room into a home movie theater. We also carry a full line of Audio speakers to give that Audio Sound System a boost into the next sound barrier.

Blu-ray™ Disc Players

Experience the best picture and sound quality available with Blu-ray Disc technology. Revel in the breathtaking resolution of Full HD 1080p combined with HD surround sound for the ultimate home theater experience. With Blu-ray, movie night will never be the same.

More than just discs.
Rethink the possibilities of Blu-ray Disc players. Select players let you stream movies, videos and music from the largest selection of disc formats.

VCR/DVD Combo Players

The 1080P DVD Recorder features full multi-format recording, which works with most disc formats. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) transfers high-definition (720p/1080i) video and audio from your DVD recorder to your TV, home theater, or other digital AV components.

HD Television Accessories

Are you looking for accessories for your HD TV and sound system? Here at Adel TV and Appliances we have all the accessories to help you with your entertainment needs. We carry a full line of HD TV wall mounts, home entertainment stands, HD antennas, speaker stands, HDMI / RCA cables, speaker wires and more.

Stop by and see how we can help with your HD needs.

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